How to prove that we are a legit fake id sites to buy fake id

  1. Check our Domain History
  2. Type words ” Idsbuddy Scam” in Goole Search to check result
  3. Check list of scam websites from
  4. Check verified list
  5. Compare our prices, only we and a few direct suppliers can provide such favorable prices,we also resell to other vendor which ranked in google top 1-3 seller, we’ll proof below
  6. Don’t trust trustpilot

Verified vendor list

Some adjustments are made to the following content, which is already a long time ago

  • Fast shipping: Fedex 6-8 days extra $25.00
  • Free shipping: Usps 10-12 days
  • $40.00 only for group order 4ID+ Bitcoin payment

Domain history, sells from 2000-01-01, 10 years

Type words “Idsbuddy Scame”,

we did find one or two negative comments, This is one from which complains about our poor quality

But please take a look at, the most highly rated website on their website. Use the method I mentioned above to type words “”. You will find that

  • is a 100% scam website
  • The domain name of this review site imitated,

Many websites use this method to discredit us, the main reason is that our products are cheap price with high quality.

Another negative review from

I need to make a special statement here, as we use stealth shipment, We put the card in the box, you need to break the package into pieces, customers often misunderstand us for this reason

Don’t trust reviews from

Most of the people who use TRUSTPILOT are resellers and scam websites, Like Chfake ID Reviews from, At the beginning, they will post a lot of fake comments, When most people realize it, they have given up on this website and set up a new website to continue fraud.

Another one like, the real site is don’t have comments on trustpilot, only those reseller and scam

Reseller proof

For privacy protection, we only give an example, But we have terminated the cooperative relationship, if you have any unpleasantness with them, please do not contact us。

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